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Why Saying Goodbye Is Literally GOOD

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

We can't avoid it, it has to be done. It might be unpleasant and depressing, exciting and adventuresome. Often it's all at once. Saying goodbye to one thing and starting another. Moving, travelling, relationships, jobs, friendships,... nothing is forever (except for particular cases, I'm not killing romance here).

This story is about the good in saying “Goodbye” and why we should embrace change.

I've been living abroad on and off for the past five years and every single time I go through four principal phases:

  1. Excitement: I'm thrilled about a new destination and adventure. I'm eager to plan my travels, book flights, look for an apartment, research about the city/country, etc.

  2. Farewell: Weeks/days before departure I meet friends, visit favourite restaurants and places and generally take in every aspect of my surroundings. This is me becoming sentimental.

  3. Anxiety: I don't realise what is happening until the day has finally arrived. The day I'm leaving is particularly emotional – once the bags are packed there is no way back. My body and brain experience an emotional rollercoaster.

  4. Content: I enter a state of happiness where I know it's the right decision and something great is awaiting me. It's time for a change.

Why change is important

Changing your environment, workplace, apartment or a partner is a process of personal development and growth. Remaining in one position for too long leads to comfort. And being too comfortable means stillstand. We become reluctant to change and oblivious to our surroundings. However, in order to improve and grow, we must be open to new opportunities, seek discomfort and embrace the unknown.

How to properly say “Goodbye”

Once you have something to look forward to, it will be easier to leave your current place behind. Don't think of it in a negative way and find excuses not to go through with your plans. Yes, moving abroad and leaving family behind is hard, you will face struggles and adapting to a new culture can be difficult, but always remember that every challenge makes you stronger. As I said, nothing is forever. This is applicable to most situations – no “Goodbye” means “Never hear from you again”. Nowadays, goodbyes are even easier thanks to social media and video calls to stay in touch.

Why it's still hard to say “Goodbye”

We are comfortable with habits and routines. Once we are used to living a certain way, it's extremely hard to break out and make the effort to start all over again. Our brain tricks us in believing that the current situation is best and shouldn't be changed. Don't listen!

I know, leaving family and friends is tough – be confident with yourself and trust you can make it in the big world on your own!

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