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Why It Is Important To Be Alone

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Yes, you read that right! As much as we love having family and friends around, it is important to be alone. I would say it is even essential to spend some time alone. In our social society, we must (re)-learn to be alone.

I consider myself an expert in this field, so let me share some personal thoughts with you.

Firstly, I am alone by choice. Moving abroad by myself, solo travelling to different places, working as a freelancer from my laptop,... All these were my choices and I don't depend on anyone else on this journey. I can proudly say, I don't mind spending time alone.

In fact, I love my privacy, independence, and freedom.

The lessons taught by being alone

Without holding back any longer, the most important first: I am confident with myself. We usually ask others how we look; which decisions we should make; if they approve of the people we spend time with; and so on. We depend on others opinions. Afraid of making our own choices and afraid of being judged by these choices.

Learn to make your own decisions, stick with them and let them talk.

I am good at doing nothing. We are used to socialise, catch up over coffee, watch television or read a book (I am afraid not, though), or, obviously scroll through social media feeds and get distracted by singing cats and pooping babies. When was the last time you were truly doing nothing? Just you and your thoughts. Sounds scary?

Try the social detox for some time (solo travels are a perfect opportunity) and you will see the benefits yourself.

To read more about great travel destinations, go check out my collection here.

The last one is a short one. Appreciation. Of life, the world, loved ones and of course, yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself and your achievements. Trust in your own strengths and skills. In the end, it all comes down to you as a single individual.

Learn to love the life you have.

Moments of despair and how to prevent depression

Of course there come times when you wish to have someone around, someone to talk with. You may need emotional support, a second opinion for a difficult decision or just physical contact. And I am no different!

Whenever I experience the slowly creeping feeling of despair, I contact a close person, either family or friend. My social anchor, so to say. Often a short message is enough, or a quick call to get my mind on something else. I am generally a more distanced person (yeah, there you go with german stereotypes), but in case I do crave a warm hug, cuddle or sex, I know what to do.

And you should, too ;)

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