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The Flow Project #5: Paragliding

The Activity

Something I wanted to do for a long time eventually happened last weekend. We went paragliding in the region of Pinzgau, my home. We went with the experienced guys from Paragliding Zell am See and booked a Classic 20min flight.

Side Notes: we went on a Saturday morning and started off the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See. A Classic 20min flight was 140€ at the time.

mountain view of Kitzbüheler Alpen in Austria
Starting point at the Schmittenhöhe

The Challenge

On a difficulty scale from 0 to 10, I give paragliding a 2. It's a tandem flight so obviously as a passenger you are not doing anything and simply enjoying the view. Also, it doesn't require lots of physical ability as you only have to take a few quick steps for take-off and again land on your feet. Luckily, I am not afraid of heights and felt pretty comfortable all the way up at 1000m altitude - free like a bird. :)

The Objective

I already knew beforehand that it will definitely be lots of fun and probably my introduction to adrenaline-driven sports. Level up: skydiving!


Since I wasn't actively contributing to the success of the flight - thanks again to my pilot for getting me back down safely - I also didn't receive any feedback. However, I would give myself personal feedback and re-confirmation on my confidence in trying something new and exciting that has a potential risk factor.

Happiness Factor

As we well know, adrenaline goes hand in hand with endorphins that fill your body with a somewhat warm, cloud-soft feeling and you can't help yourself but feel happy, satisfied and joyful. I must add, I only felt a rush of adrenaline once the pilot did some faster manoeuvres and spirals, which is comparable to a rollercoaster ride.

Will I do it again?

Maybe at some nice spot when I'm vacationing. But first, let's try skydiving! :D


Would you like to see more?

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