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The Flow Project #3: Macrame

The Activity

Being a little bohemian myself, I admire the art of Macrame, a form of textile created by using different knotting techniques. Its origins are in the oriental and Arabic world. There are several easy knots, which any beginner can learn from scratch. There is no limit to what you can create, from classic wall hangings, key chains, coasters to dream catchers or hanging chairs. The most common material is a 3-4mm cotton cord.

cotton macrame cord, pearls and wooden stick on white cloth
Simple materials: cotton cord, wooden stick, pearls

Side Notes: I followed a tutorial on Youtube to create a mini Macrame wall hanging and finished it in about 3 hours on July 31, 2021.

laptop, youtube tutorial, macrame
Youtube tutorial for a Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

The Challenge

On a scale from 0 to 10, I'd give it a 4. The first challenge consisted of converting feet to cm for the measurement of the cord (which I failed by a few cm). Secondly, I had to improvise the setup, hence, in the following picture, you will see a pasta tree being used to hold the wooden stick in place. :)

The knots themselves are very easy to make, it just needs a bit of practice and experience to know how tight (or loose) they should be to look nice.

The Objective

My personal objective was to create the first piece (of hopefully many) to decorate my home with because I really like this style and think Macrame gives every space a sense of boho chic. It's been a week now and I already made a second wall hanging in white and two coasters.


Since this is self-learned using tutorials on the internet, the feedback is subjective. I must say, looking at my first piece now I can see what I can do better. It requires quite a bit of attention to detail and patience. As I mentioned above, it took me almost 3 hours to make this small wall hanging and for the most part, it's repetitive knots over and over again.

Happiness Factor

With this activity, it's probably less the happiness factor that counts, but rather the meditative effect. As I said, it's a repetitive task for most of it and this allows you to completely let your thoughts float and relax. Time went by and I simply enjoyed working with my hands. Once I admire the finished product it does make me happy because it's something I made myself and this brings me joy.

mini macrame wall hanging, self-made, light-brown cotton cord
Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

Will I do it again?

Definitely a hobby I keep up. :)


Would you like to see more?

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