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The Flow Project #2: Pottery

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The Activity

I've never been a particularly crafty or artsy person, never actually built or created something with my bare hands. However, I've always liked the idea of making something from scratch. So, instead of buying beautiful clay items, I would love to know how to make them myself. Luckily enough, I found a beginners' pottery workshop at OLA Art Studio here in Madeira. As a newbie, you don't get to work on the wheel straight ahead, so we first learnt three techniques: pinch pot, slap and coiling.

Side Notes: location was at the OLA Art Studio in Funchal on Madeira Island, and the date was Saturday, June 12, 2021.

The Challenge

On a scale from 0 to 10, I'd give it a 6. As I've never worked with this material before, it required some time to get used to its texture and characteristics. Also, the ideas I had in mind didn't really work with the techniques I could apply, so I kind of had to improvise. Soon enough, my block of clay turned into a cereal bowl, a snack bowl and an espresso cup. Overall, and in my opinion, it needs quite some practice and experience to properly transform an idea into a good looking final product.

The Objective

My personal objective was to create a practical item that I eventually will be able to use. In addition, I wanted to find out how to work with my hands and this type of material and challenge my inner creativity.


Anna, our instructor, was very keen on providing input and helping in our creation process. In the beginning, I wasn't very convinced of my own craftsmanship. However, the more focused I was, the more I enjoyed it, and I wanted to make the best of it. When it was time to paint my items, I received good feedback from Anna, and it made me feel very positive about my skills.

Happiness Factor

I have to admit, at first, I was not very confident to actually create something charming and it kind of oppressed my enthusiasm. I had to embrace the fact that my first items would be far from perfect and that it's all about letting your creativity run freely. It can be quite a meditative process during which time passes without you even realising. I would definitely say that I felt happy and fulfilled doing this activity.

Will I do it again?

I am considering picking it up as a hobby. I am already looking for ways to continue pottery when I get back home. I do love the idea of creating pieces for yourself that will hold a special place in my kitchen or home.


Would you like to see more?

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