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Stop Focusing On Your Weaknesses Today And Be Happy Tomorrow

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I have a confession to make. I want to be great at everything. I obsess about my mistakes and criticise myself every single day. I wouldn’t admit my flaws and don’t want anyone to discover them. This is why it’s tough for me to build close relationships. I don’t want anyone to see the real me, because… they might not like me anymore if they knew my weaknesses.

This used to be me. Before I learned to accept and love myself the way I am.

Can you relate? Then this story is for you.

Too many times, we are asked about our weaknesses. People want us admitting that we suck at certain things. Which is obviously acceptable and completely normal. The sucking part, not that we are generally reminded of it.

I know I can be impatient, stubborn and struggle to accept criticism. I also get lost in details and take too much work on, simply because I think I can do it best and someone else might screw it up.

Does this mean I’m a terrible person? No, and neither are you.

While it is essential to know your capabilities and which tasks come easy to you, you shouldn’t list down every thing you could do better. It is impossible to tick off every single point on that list.

We should focus on what we are good at, the things we enjoy doing. Because focusing on our strengths allows us to improve. Meaning, after some time and practise, we master these skills and become an expert.

This is what makes you great in your job, in life, and will give you happiness.

Same applies to your personality and habits. It is okay to be moody, stubborn, impatient or a perfectionist (all of us are at job interviews, am I right?). This is what makes you the person you are. And what real friends love you for. Nobody is a blank page. Every single day another page is created, filled with stories straight out of life.

These stories shape your personality.

Would you rip out a page?

No, because one day you will browse through these stories and remember all its ups and downs, flaws and mistakes, and hopefully have a smile on your lips. Stop obsessing about your weaknesses today, focus on what you love and enjoy doing, and start being happy.

Because your strengths make you exceptional. This is you!

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