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Life Is Beautiful.

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Life offers us the chance to follow our dreams. The freedom to be ourselves. And abundant opportunities for growth and self-development.

You feel kind of stuck?

Let me tell you a short story and cheer you up.

As a teenager in high school, I always felt having a good sense of discipline and motivation. Not necessarily for school-related tasks. More to keep on trying new things and challenging myself with different goals. In regular intervals I would change my mind. Singing, acting, volleyball, guitar, piano, youth politics, babysitting, assisting Nobel Laureates (no questions asked), internships in an elderly home and a bank (haha).

Some may think, this is inconsistent, indecisive, she has no sense for commitment.

Of course I do!

The things I take on, I carry out with utmost passion and best intentions. This doesn't mean I was good at everything, but at least I tried. I like to explore. However, I lose interest rather quickly. Boredom is the enemy. Boredom means stillstand. Boredom prevents you from happiness. You’re not willing to further improve whatever you are doing. And the longer you continue, the more you will loathe your job, your life, and eventually yourself.

Here comes the issue:

The majority of people still persevere in following a certain accepted path, may it be a career, settling down, starting a family, the obligatory 1-week vacation in Mallorca or the Bahamas, continuously spending money on redundant products in our consumption-driven world. And condemned are the free spirits, forward thinkers, and black sheep in conformity!

Luckily, there is hope...

The solution is closer than you may think!

You have the freedom to make your own choices. It is easier than ever to collect as many experiences as you want. Go on as many adventures as you like. Be it traveling to foreign countries, venturing five startups before figuring out entrepreneurship isn't your cup of tea, or following a passion of earning dollars through figure painting with your toes.

It is called lifestyle design.

Lifestyle Design is the ability to take the resources you have (money and skills), and transform them into the life your soul craves to live.

Sounds beautiful, doesn't it? And best of all: it can be your new standard of living. Once you overcome the obstacles of judgmental disregard and feel comfortable outside societal norms, all there is left are dreams. Your dreams finally becoming reality.

Want a real-life example?

The usual undergraduate starts working at a company, maybe serving coffee. I interned for a freelancer. Now he is my mentor. I work remotely, which enables me to travel. I follow my passion for writing and creating. And sharing my adventures with you.

Life is a journey.

A process of growth and self-development. Find what makes you happy and pursue it.

Don't let go. Don't give up. Believe in yourself!

Because life is beautiful.

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