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How Feelings Define Your Life And Why Blame Isn’t The Answer

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Sometimes I wonder if and how we are able to influence our lives. Surely there are certain elements we don't seem to have in control and they just happen.

On the other hand, the decisions we make determine the direction our life takes. Whether we base those decisions on logical thinking or feelings, depends on each situation.

We often seem to complain about stressful jobs, being broke, going out and travelling too little while spending too much money. We often forget that most of these things are changeable.

Not necessarily short-term, because you might be stuck in your current job to pay the bills, but in the long-run.

We are able to change our life by changing our mindset. And changing your mindset helps with making the right decisions.

You decide to perceive something as either positive or negative. You decide to be happy or dissatisfied with a certain situation.

There is no point in blaming everything and everyone around you.

In my last story I talked about the struggles and thoughts I had as a teenager, hence, I know what it's like to be dissatisfied with yourself and your life.

Still, nowadays, there are times I ask myself: “Am I good enough?”, “Am I successful with what I do?”, “Do people actually like me for who I am?”

But then I am reminded, that these are not the things that define me, that I should listen to my heart instead.

The decisions I make define the direction of my life, my thoughts define my actions, my feelings define my personality.

Because it's my life, I am the one defining it.

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