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Do You Fear Success?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Who doesn't appreciate succeeding in something they've been working for. Maybe an important exam, a personal best at the gym, a new recipe. We reached our goal. We are proud. A pat on the shoulder.

But when it's directly related to us, linked to us as a person, perception and emotional involvement changes.

We fear success more than we fear failure.


First of all, failure isn't bad. It teaches valuable lessons, leads in a different direction, gives a fresh point of view or might provide even more determination and motivation.

On the other hand, success means change. Hard work finally pays off. We reached the desired outcome and now what?

Everything after is unknown.

You got that job you were interviewing for.

Your secret crush accepted your prom invitation.

Your parents show respect for your great achievements at university.

Your business idea caught the attention of a notable investor.

Now what?

This feeling might be confusing, overwhelming, terrifying and make you question your actions, even yourself.

It can be scary having success because it means something new is coming. New steps are required to get further, to move closer towards your vision. Success not only changes your environment, such as a new job, but it can also change your personality.

Everything new entails adapting to the situation, learning skills, acquiring knowledge. It's totally legit to be emotional. Being grateful and happy for your success while feeling anxious about what's coming next.

Because you deserve success. We all deserve accomplishments, hard work that pays off and recognition from others.

Once you understand and accept this fact, it will be much easier to focus on your goals. To focus on what you want to achieve and how to get it.

And you will feel truly successful in far greater terms.

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