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Can Millennials Commit To More Than A Tall, Non-Fat, Low-Sugar Soy Latte?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Committing to a purpose, job or relationship can be pretty scary. Even more, when you feel overwhelmed by the many options, but haven't really figured out your passion, and suffer under the fear of missing out.

This is a short story on overcoming fear, setting goals and finding your place.

As kids we are told we can become anything we want. There were the firefighters, princesses, astronauts and in my case a vet, journalist, actress, manager, or superstar. Not at the same time, my plans changed on a regular basis. Once school gets tougher, grades more important, and our hormones kick in, teenagers (and their parents) start comparing each other. Who is the smartest, most creative, fastest learning, most beautiful and popular. Who will be successful? And who will most likely be a drop-out. Years of judging, pressuring and questioning: Where is my place?

Disregarding doubts and uncertainty, many still aim for the traditional path, the path laid out by society. Graduate high school with a perfect GPA, admission to university, complete a law, finance or business degree, get a job, work your way up the corporate ladder within the same company and live happily ever after.

Are you sure, this is the right way for you? Is this what you really want?

Observing this (my) generation, it seems there is a trend for seeking more, vagabonding through the world, trying different cultures, lifestyles, jobs, sex partners.

But in order to be happy, your heart will crave something meaningful, fulfilling and truly exciting at one point or the other.

To reach your goals, motivation, discipline and interest are key. So don't think you need to study specific subjects, work for certain companies and generally do what everybody else does. It won't get you anywhere, when your heart cries for something completely different.

Think outside the box. Think big, and dare to challenge yourself.

Once you're determined, and you know what your interests are and what you are good at, it's time to get into action. It's your responsibility to focus on exactly what you want. You must become proactive to follow your dreams and accept the fact that it will require lots of work and time. We left the easy way described before.

You must fully commit!

It may be one of the hardest things in life, especially for us millennials facing conservative opinions and pressure on one side and the massive influence from social media on the other end. Nobody can be another Mark Zuckerberg but there is space for everyone.

Find something you like and make it your thing!

So trust in your own judgement and skills as to what goals you want to pursue. Follow your own path and don't be afraid of committing, even as you change your mind along the way. Because adapting to change will bring you further and open your eyes to new perspectives!

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